Prof. Yoshinori ISHII
Academic and job history: ED, orofessor emeritus, University of Tokyo; BS, (Geophysics)1955, Univ. of Tokyo; 1955-71, geophysicist in oil industry; 1971-78, assoc. pref. Univ. of Tokyo; 1978-1993, prof. geophysics, Univ. of Tokyo; 1994-1996, dep. dir. gen. of National Institute for Environmental Studies(NIES), 1996-1998, dir. gen. of NIES; 2000-2006, prof. Toyama Univ. of International Studies. 2006~ pres. of Mottainai Society.
Society affiliations: 1989-91. member of Science Council of Japan, 1992-, Engineering Academy of Japan, Remote Sensing Society of Japan (v. pres. 1982-86, pres. 1990-92), Society of Exploration Geophysics of Japan (pres. 1984-85, 1988-89, best paper award 1976),
The Mottainai Society (pres. 2006-)
Author; "Introduction to Remote Sensing", 1981; "Geophysical Engineering", 1988, "Energy and Global environmen
t", 1995, "Environmental Studies for Citizens", 2001: "s@Last Battle for Oil - truth of peak oil", 2006: "Peak oil - Japan's PlanB" 2007: co-author of many books: contributor of numerous articles on professional Journals.
Professional Interests: global environmental science, remote sensing, sustainable development


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